What I do

- Stop, rewind and reflect; move forward.

I provide individual and group coaching.  Offering space for you to see your life differently, giving you a renewed perspective to make bold, empowered choices to move forwards. I also provide services for businesses who want help with crafting their culture, identifying values, training workshops or streamlining operations.

- My background -

Why me?

After holding down multiple fast-paced careers internationally, I relocated to Edinburgh in 2004 to embark on the next chapter of my life. I know how demanding life can be as a working mother of two—prioritising yourself, juggling family schedules, organising the home, maintaining a work-life balance—and I know how much energy is wasted on the most mundane tasks and decisions in life. I work with individuals in their personal and professional lives to help them make space and time for the things that really matter.

Whether you’re a business owner managing a team, a busy parent looking to implement time-saving solutions or embarking on your first renovation project, I will give you a renewed perspective to make empowered, bold choices, every time.

Using my knowledge and expertise about people and processes, combined with my NLP and psychometric accreditations, I will help you find practical, sustainable strategies that can be applied to both your personal and professional environments. The methods that I use are guided by Lean “One-Touch” principles that save time and make life that bit easier.

I approach all projects with an open mind and a calm, incisive outlook. I work with my clients on an hourly, half-day or project basis, which can then be extended to cover longer durations. This gives me great flexibility with which to enter and transform the lives of the people I work with.

Pepsi helped me through a time when my life was too stressful and too cluttered to see the wood for the trees, both personally and professionally. She listened carefully and asked probing questions that enabled me to focus on the most important decision required to enable my business to survive; simplifying my thought process to an outcome focus. A life saver, who has empowered me to feel confidence in my decision making.

LB, Edinburgh

Pepsi is an excellent coach, she uses her natural curiosity without judgement and challenges me with respect and humour. I love our sessions together.

JH, Edinburgh

Pepsi did a super job of helping me think differently around a personal issue which was getting in the way on an important relationship. Through her skilled guidance I was able to reflect on key actions that once I had addressed really helped me move forward. I would highly recommend Coaching with Pepsi.

JC, Edinburgh

Pepsi poses considered questions which help in assessing the starting point of your (often long held) perspective; it's about coming to conclusions / re-assessments in relation to your situation yourself and not being lectured to or being the recipient of 'advice'. As a result of our conversations I applied for, and successfully got, the role I wanted.

HS, Edinburgh

- Working together

My services all begin with a complimentary chemistry consultation where we’ll delve further into your current situation and what you’re hoping to achieve. If we are the right fit, I’ll outline a tailored proposal and timeline that we can begin working on.

My services are expansive and can be delivered on an hourly, half-day and project basis. Enquire directly through the contact form here and we’ll book a call.


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