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People and Properties

Making space and time for

what really matters.

Making space and time for what really matters.


Personal & professional growth.

- Move forward
live effectively
bold choices

Individual or group coaching, cultural and values work with businesses.


Design your space.

- Simple
Getting it done

Supporting you as you explore how to design and live in your home environment. Building, renovations, organisation, maintenance and more. 

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testimonials -

testimonials -

- Meet Pepsi

I know how demanding life can be as a working mother of two—prioritising yourself, juggling family schedules, organising the home, maintaining a work-life balance—and I know how much energy is wasted on the most mundane tasks and decisions in life.

I work with individuals to help them find practical, sustainable strategies that can be applied to both personal and professional environments; ultimately making space and time for the things that really matter.

The methods that I use are guided by Lean “One-Touch” principles. I approach all projects with an open mind and a calm outlook, and work with my clients on an hourly, half-day or project basis, which can then be extended to cover longer durations.


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